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🔥Summer Hot Sale-50% Off🐾Pet water sensory mat

🔥Summer Hot Sale-50% Off🐾Pet water sensory mat

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😽Best Cat Toys For Bored Indoor Cats

🔥Summer Hot Sale-49% OFF😻Pet Water Sensory Mat

Icon endless entertainment for your dog & cat

Icon reduces anxiety & prevents obesity

Icon claws & teeth proof

🐳Keep your furry friend entertained

Colorful design, moving figures & floating water attract the cat's attention & trigger instincts to hunt and catch, allowing your cat to express its natural behavior, and providing endless entertainment, even when you're away.

🐳The best toy for bored domestic cats & dogs

A new experience for domestic pets: let the domestic pet experience the fun of kicking water waves. Floating Elnreats attract the cat's attention and stimulate their hunting instinct. Let the domestic cat release your energy to play alone.

🐳Unleash the cat's natural instincts

 with sea fish motif. If you increase your cat's excitement level, let your cat cheerfully simulate fishing, move and improve your reaction speed. Helps cats to burn energy, reduce fears and prevent behavioral problems.

🐳Mental & physical stimulation for a long & happy life

Combining visual and tactile sensations, the sensory mat stimulates the cat's brain, reducing stress & anxiety, and requires the necessary amount of physical activity for healthy functioning, preventing obesity & supporting good health of your cat.

🐳Caw-proof design & easy 2-minute set-up

Our sensor mat is completely resistant to sharp cat claws and biting thanks to its specially thick design, and takes only 2 minutes to set up - just inflate, fill with water from the faucet and you're done!

🐳Material security

Made from high quality, light silicone, bap-free, hot summer, cats can not only play on the mat, but also sleep on it and rest. Filled with water to cool off cats so that cats feel cool in hot summer.



Material: PVC
Size: 50 * 66 cm
Weight: 240 g

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🔥Summer Hot Sale-50% Off🐾Pet water sensory mat

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